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Boating on a lake

Couple Activities - Boating on a Lake

Share a boat adventure on a peaceful lake, sitting back and enjoying the company

What kind of couple is this for?

As you’ll be on a small (but hopefully sturdy) boat, you may feel a little insecure. We generally find that people who can’t swim can start feeling uncomfortable on boats. So, if you either can’t go anywhere near water, or suffer from severe motion sickness, you may want to stay away from this one.

Otherwise, the activity is usually quite relaxing and easy-going, so should be fun for most couples. Beware though, if you choose a rowing boat, moving forwards is not as easy as it looks! Do prepare for a little bit of physical work out there.

Why do it as a couple?

It’s the ideal setting – just you and your partner, all alone in the middle of a lake, with no need to go back onto shore unless you choose to head back. Hopefully, the weather will be lovely, so you can just sit back and relax, sharing conversation and taking in the nice scenery around you.

It’s also quite manly to be rowing a boat along, while your partner sits there gracefully! We’re sure your partner will enjoy being taken for a ride, and she can even have a go herself if she wants a try. Bring a picnic, get cosy.. Everything put together makes a boat ride a very pleasant date.

I’ve never rowed a boat before?!

Time to get learning then. If you don’t feel confident, try to find a lake that has pedal boats instead, which are easier to both move and steer. They’re usually trouble-free, though they may get a little wet around your feet – you won’t lose oars, you can move without much effort and you won’t wear yourself out. Though not as romantic, it’ll be fun nonetheless.

If you do decide to be brave and go for the rowing boat, don’t worry. Once you’re out there, you don’t need to go dead straight, so just take your time, row slowly and carefully and you’ll get the hang of things eventually. Don’t show off or try to go too quickly though. Chances are, you’ll hammer into another boat or lose an oar, which would ruin the experience.

Come on, what’s there to do on a boat?

Well, more than what there is to do on a bench, and we’re sure you don’t mind sitting on a bench with your partner? As we mentioned, bring a packed lunch along and have a picnic together. If you’re in a rowing boat, you can take it in turns to row while your partner just relaxes in the sunshine. If there’s any kind of gentle current on the lake, you can even just let that take you for a ride and see where you end up?!

Put it this way – whatever you can do on a picnic, you can do on a boat, and there’s the added enjoyment of floating on water, drifting slowly past the ducks and their little chicks. They may be a little hungry, so you may want to bring some extra bread for them too?

Won’t we end up in the water?

No, very few rowing boats (and even fewer pedal boats) will actually turn over, whatever you do. The worst that can happen is that you drop an oar or two and become stranded until someone comes to help you!

However, you should always be prepared for the worst. So, always remember to ask your partner if they can swim before you jump into a boat. And, if a boat has a lot of water inside it, you may want to ask for a different one before you set off – otherwise, it’ll be uncomfortable more than anything.

So where can we find a boat?

A lot of parks with lakes will have boating services, so try researching on the internet, or asking the locals if they know of anywhere good. Different towns may have slightly different traditions, so the boat may not always be a pedal boat or a rowing boat. Either way, you should be able to find something relatively close by.

As always, if you need any help or advice finding suitable places, just contact us here and we’ll be more than happy to be of assistance.

GoCouple Tips:

  1. No seatbelts, no security.. just enjoy the thrills of a rocking boat on water. But don’t try your luck too much, try to keep still as much as possible!
  2. Make sure you keep track of how far you have come, and always leave more time than you think for getting back. You’ll be charged overtime straight away if you go out too far.
  3. Avoid crowded hours, as the date just won’t be romantic. You’ll always be having to avoid other boats and the water will feel like a main road at rush hour.

Pampering holidays at the spa

Couple Activities - Pampering Spa Holidays

Wind down on a pampering holiday at a spa together and get rid of all of those daily stresses and worries

What kind of couple is this for?

We can’t begin to imagine what kind of couple would not enjoy a relaxing time getting pampered! However active you are, however much you like to stay at home, however much you think spas are for girls or old people only… We guarantee that you will enjoy and benefit greatly from a short trip to the spa.

The only exception may be if you have certain body conditions (e.g. skin issues) that prevent you from going to public baths, or if you are putting your health at risk by being in humid / hot surroundings. Even then, you can just laze around watching TV, getting a massage on your tired arms and legs.. Seriously, why would you ever say no?!

So is this for any couple?

Obviously, this is a little more than just a drive down to a local leisure centre, and many people will see this as a mini-holiday. So, if you’re not quite ready to go on holiday with your other half just yet, then this may be a little ambitious an activity to jump into. You don’t want to give your partner the wrong idea when you have only just started a relationship.

Generally, we recommend these kinds of trips for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

What’s there to do at a spa?

Let’s list a few special things that you can experience at a spa:

  • Get a personal massage on your tired limbs – head massages can be especially good for tired eyes too
  • Relax with a bit of fun in the bubbles of a jacuzzi bath
  • Take a swim down the pool to cool down from the heat of the sauna
  • Enjoy specialised treatments for your body and skin – come out feeling revitalised and rejuvenated
  • Get expert advice on which cosmetics would suit your body best
  • Work out at the gym before taking a nice relaxing bath
  • Take a walk around the premises and enjoy the fresh air

…Need any more convincing? No, didn’t think so.

Don’t these trips cost a fortune?

In fact, no. All year around, a lot of travel companies and websites (such as Last Minute.com) run special offers for couples, so if you can grab yourself a nice bargain, then a spa trip shouldn’t cost that much more than a normal stay at a hotel. It does depend on what kind of spa you choose – there are some that will be quite expensive due to the nature of the cosmetics used in the treatments. Moroccan Hammam, for example, is bound to be more costly than a simple jacuzzi and sauna.

What will mount up on the bill is if you go for lots of different treatments and buy everything recommended to you by your masseur / consultant. Just be careful not to go too far with the pampering and your costs should remain fairly reasonable.

What should we bring?

Make sure you book everything well in advance, including any treatments that you want to undertake. Then, just arrive in your normal holiday wear, with swimwear and some nice dinner clothes in your luggage. You may want to bring a book / magazine to read together by the poolside (with a waterproof cover!) in addition to your usual holiday jazz.

Otherwise, just try to leave AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE back at home. Don’t even think about bringing anything to do with work – you’re going to a spa to get away from it all!

GoCouple Tips:

  1. Don’t hold back – these occasions are special, so crown the experience with a bunch of nice treatments and a romantic dinner.
  2. Don’t talk about anything to do with work while you’re there. Try switching off your mobile phone too (you might feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get used to it!)
  3. Don’t spend excessive time in a bath / sauna if you’re not used to these things. You can ruin the experience by suffering from dehydration or faintness.
  4. Go by car if you possibly can. Taking the train there will feel fine, but the problem is coming home. Trust us, you won’t want to take public transport back after a super relaxing set of baths and treatments..

Couple Ice Skating

Couple Ice Skating

Skate together in a magical world of ice for a truly romantic and thrilling experience

What kind of couple is this for?

Almost any couple would enjoy ice skating, but you do need some level of balance in order to make it a worthwhile experience! If you’ve never worn rollerskates, skis or even a bicycle, then the first one or two sessions may be a little stressful… Make sure your partner helps you through, from holding your hand to showing you how to move!

Maybe couples that both hate the cold, or who both have no sporty passion in them at all, may not appreciate this activity too much. But, it’s still worth a try – ice skating is something that is much more fun that it actually sounds or looks.

Why do it as a couple?

Who better to cling onto for dear life when you’re losing your balance than your beloved partner? Ice skating is a truly pure couple activity, where you can hold hands, support each other, warm each other up with a cuddle or a kiss, and of course, share a smile when one of you loses your balance.

In that magical and mysterious frozen world of ice, to glide along on skates together is as romantic an experience as it gets. It’s even more ideal if one of you is a beginner, so that you don’t skate too quickly, but hold onto each other and move slowly while your partner is explaining what to do.

Come on, what other sport is there where you can basically hold hands the whole way through?

What to enjoy about ice skating

Help each other get your skates on, walk onto the ice rink together slowly and then you’re away. The best things about ice skating are probably:

  • The sense of insecurity of having a slippery surface beneath you is both “chilling” and exciting
  • The satisfaction you get from being able to glide along the ice is truly pleasurable
  • The interaction with other people around you who are losing their balance is thrilling and very amusing
  • The dimmed lights and romantic setting are ideal for couples to share a great time together

I can hardly walk on ice, let alone skate?!

Don’t worry, half the enjoyment in ice skating is actually losing your balance and falling flat on your bottom! You’re not going there to show off your pair skating skills, so just release your inhibitions, go out onto the ice and just have fun.

In fact, the better you both are at skating, the less time you’ll probably spend holding onto each other, as you’ll probably be travelling quite quickly. So, if you’re brave and are ready to try something new, then you really don’t need any special skills.

Where can we go ice skating?

Of course, ice skating is generally a winter sport, so a lot of rinks will only be open in the last few months of the year. If you don’t have an ice skating rink close to you that’s open all year around, you may need to wait until the temporary rinks open up when things get colder.

Given you don’t need much special equipment, it may be worth doing some research to find the nearest rink to you, and just driving down. However elegant or basic the ice rink is, you’re sure to have fun so don’t worry. Just be weary of busy hours, when the ice will be so packed that you can hardly breath without blowing somebody over!

GoCouple Tips:

  1. Try to avoid the hours after training sessions, as the ice does get quite badly scratched and so becomes harder to skate on.
  2. Bring some gloves – things get dangerous when you don’t wear gloves, fall over and other beginners come skating very close past your bare fingers.
  3. Make sure you tighten your ice skates properly, even if they’re not the most comfortable to start off with.

Going to Art Galleries

Couple Activities - Going to an Art Gallery

Art galleries are low cost and enjoyable venues for all kinds of couples

What kind of couple is this for?

There may be a tendency to think that art galleries are only for cultured people. This is a myth which is completely untrue! As long as it is a large enough art gallery and not just a specific exhibition that you are visiting, then the diversity of the artwork on show will be so great. The odds of not finding one single piece that you like will be very low.

So, we would recommend this activity for any couple, though we would probably say avoid contemporary stuff (modern art, etc) for your first ever visit! That’s unless you’re very much into contemporary art, in which case, we’re sure you go to art galleries anyway.

Why do it as a couple?

The arts are all about opinions, so no piece of art is superior to another. Everyone has different tastes, likes and dislikes, so going around an art gallery is a good chance to get to know your partner. Of course, you can enjoy art by yourself, but we think it’s more satisfying to have someone to talk to while walking around, discussing your opinions on different styles and sometimes disagreeing!

One may argue that there is no difference between going with your partner and going with a knowledgeable friend. Fair point, but if neither of you are experts, you can learn about art and see new things together.

But I’ve never been able to understand art?!

You don’t need to be a gourmet food critique to go to a nice restaurant, and art is no different. Just go there with an open mind, looking for pictures and sculptures that you find attractive or interesting. Show them to your partner and see if he/she agrees – don’t try to analyse if you’re not a specialist, you really don’t need to.

If neither of you are art fans, you may want to stay away from specialised exhibitions which are only showcasing one style of art. Go for the largest and most popular galleries to begin with, as we are sure you will find certain pieces of art that you recognise. Then, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand 99% of the paintings there – we guarantee you will find at least one thing that you like.

How long should we stay?

There’s no need to go around the whole of the art gallery, or look at every single piece of artwork in detail. Treat it like a romantic walk together, where the artwork forms the scenery around you. If anything takes your fancy, stop and talk about it (maybe take photos if the gallery will allow you). If not, just keep walking around and just enjoy your time together!

Remember, you’re not going there to study about art. This is just a casual outing which won’t cost you much at all (a lot of art galleries can even be free), where you get a chance to experience and see something new. If you start getting tired or bored, it may be time to get going – you can always go back again another time.

My partner is very artistic, but I don’t have a prayer…

Get your partner to explain things as you walk around. Get them to compare their own tastes and styles to the artwork around you, and maybe find a style you like yourself so that your partner can adapt their work to your taste? We are sure they would appreciate you taking the time to get to know their world and it will bring you closer together.

GoCouple Tips:

  1. Only visit specific exhibitions if they are popular! Check out reviews before you go, as some exhibitions could be a waste of your time and money.
  2. Try not to “complete” an art gallery in one day. There’s only so much art you can take in on one occasion, so try and split it up into several visits.
  3. If you find a style that you like, don’t just stick to galleries in that style. You should open up your mind and always look for new things that you may like!

Going to see the Festive Lights

Make your way down to see the shining festive lights and enjoy a romantic night out

What kind of couple is this for?

Any couple that like to share romantic moments together. Some festive lights can be truly spectacular and most definitely worth the journey across town to see, even for the most sceptical. The activity’s usually seen to be more for the girl than the guy, though, so if you’re simply loath to the concept of going out just to see some shiny lights, you may want to just keep things local rather than travelling too far.

This one’s certainly an activity appreciated by the purest of romantics! But of course, you could always combine it with another activity directly afterwards, such as having a lovely meal together, or going to watch a production.

Lights? What lights?

Christian countries will usually celebrate Christmas, when decorative lighting goes up in shopping streets and Christmas trees are lit up in city centres. Other religions also hold festivals and celebrations, when again, streets can be decorated with bright shining lights.

If none of this sounds familiar… then just make sure you check the lights out if you go on holiday to the West at Christmas time!

Is it really worth going to see them?

That’ll depend on your town as well as your expectations. Some cities in Christian countries like the UK may have magnificent decorations around busy areas, while countries like Japan specifically create illuminated areas for couples to share romantic moments together. Anything that will attract large crowds will usually be well worth going out to see. Events such as the switching on of Christmas lights can also be very popular.

Basically, do your research before you go, and make sure you know what you’re going to see. If your town is not the type to put up amazing decorative lights, don’t go out expecting to be blown away!

Any bad points about going out?

Lights mean darkness, and darkness means evening, and evening usually means cooler temperatures, to put it lightly. You may come close to freezing to death depending on where you live, so make sure you wrap up warm! You can snuggle up with your partner to keep each other warm too, but be prepared for the worst – if you don’t have warm gloves, jackets and other such warm clothes, things may not be as romantic as they could be.

It’s also not a very long activity: you’re not going to be standing there marvelled by the lights for hours and hours. So, you do need to plan a night properly, aside from going to see the festive lights. It’s probably not worth going if you’re not doing anything beforehand / afterwards.

Finally, it’s obviously something to do in the Winter when the lights are on, so in that sense, its seasonality makes it a very limited activity.

Any ideas for where to go?

Tourist sites are often the best places to see glorious illuminations. For example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris will be constantly lit during the Winter, and flashes every hour – something definitely worth seeing once. Busy shopping streets are also good bets too.

The best locations will normally be covered in guidebooks, so have a look around the internet and you should find something close by.

GoCouple Tips:

  1. If we didn’t make the point clear enough… keep WARM!!
  2. Beware of pickpockets and petty criminals when you go, as they tend to swarm around such sites. Natural, given the number of people looking up at the lights with their attentions as far away from the possessions as could be..
  3. Ask the locals for recommendations for places to visit – there may be local houses that are lit up even more spectacularly than the public stuff!

Couple Cycling

Couple Cycling

Ride together around parks and lakes to share a super relaxing and enjoyable experience

What kind of couple is this for?

Any couple that can both ride a bike (not stating the obvious or anything) and who also enjoy being outdoors. The limitations are more with locality rather than interests. You do need to have a nice large park / cycling route nearby, as well as relatively good weather (not too hot, not too cold) at some point in the year. Actually being lucky enough to have both is quite rare for any region these days.

Of course, in cities where you can hire bicycles for the day very easily, this activity would be more than ideal. So if you live close to a cycle hire scheme, this may be the thing for you!

Why do it as a couple?

Cycling is exploring. It’s all about visiting new places, enjoying new scenery… so just like a holiday, it is a perfect couple activity. Share your experiences together, and since you’ll be doing a little bit of physical work while you’re at it, the reward will feel even greater.

From a more practical sense, if you are cycling around a hilly area, then the chances are that the slopes will be exceptionally strenuous, and could get too steep for one / both of you. In which case, having a partner to help push you up, or just to give you moral support when you’re tired, will make a world of difference. It’s easier to follow than to lead, so you can take turns to pull each other along!

So why ride a bike?

True, you could go for a drive, but that would be too easy! Yes, you could just take a stroll around, but then the area that you can cover is limited. Riding a bicycle means that you get to take in the fresh air, the breeze will feel comfortable and you can travel much further than you usually would by foot. It’s better for you in terms of exercise too, just make sure you don’t push yourself too much as the knees may suffer.

As a form of exercising together, it is as relaxing as you can get. You can talk to each other, chase each other, go quickly, go slowly, and whatever you do, you’ll very rarely be out of breath. Stop to take photos, ride continuously for long distances.. the flexibility is certainly a very attractive feature of a bicycle. Life’s not as fun when you’re going up lots of steep hills though..

But I haven’t ridden a bike since the age of 10?!

Let’s face it, we do get lazier as we get older, but however bad our condition gets, it is impossible to forget how to ride a bike. As long as you take things slowly at the beginning and avoid overly ambitious journeys, then getting back into cycling will be the easiest thing ever. Within a couple of rides, it will feel like you’ve never been away.

However, be prepared for that next-day muscle-ache that will inevitably come after your first few rides. But, as a couple, you can massage each other and help each other along at the start. So, no excuses!

Isn’t it freezing / boiling outside..?

You definitely do need to check the weather before you go. If you are cycling in cold weather, never forget to bring gloves and make sure you pace yourself at the beginning, as sudden exercise can lead to muscle cramps.

On the contrary, in extreme hot weather, bring lots and lots of water / energy drinks, and drink it all! Incidentally, this will mean your luggage will be heavier at the start, so you may need to choose easier routes.

Generally, the best cycling weather is at cool temperatures (10 – 15℃) with a light breeze blowing. In that sense, Spring and Autumn tend to be the best seasons to go cycling. The scenery will be lovely then too.

We have bicycles! Can we cycle to our destination?

Road cycling is NOT couple cycling. Road cycling is dangerous without the right equipment, preparation and knowledge of the roads. We would not recommend cycling together on the road unless both of you are totally comfortable (and ideally, both have driving licenses).

Do bear in mind that on the road, the pressures of having to keep up with a partner can lead to more strenuous cycling and may put one of you in danger. If possible, drive the bicycles to your destination, or hire them there and then.

GoCouple Tips:

  1. Don’t pressure your partner into cycling quicker than they want to. Both of you should be cycling at a speed at which you feel totally comfortable!
  2. Don’t climb Mount Everest on day one i.e. if you haven’t cycled much before, don’t be too ambitious – start with an easy relaxing cycling route.
  3. Always get the right equipment for cycling, and carry first-aid kit whenever possible.

Going to a Theme Park

Go to a Theme Park

For a full day of fun in the sun, head to an amusement park to enjoy rides, games and much, much more.

What kind of couple is this for?

Most couples should be able to find something to keep them entertained for a day at a theme park! The only real exceptions that we can think of are:

  • If you don’t enjoy being in crowded places or cannot tolerate long queues
  • If either of you are prone to getting motion sickness very easily
  • If you can’t stand being surrounded by kids
  • If one of you has extreme vertigo (or if you are simply terrified of roller coasters) and your partner is the exact opposite

Why go as a couple?

Theme parks are widely regarded as fun days out for all types of groups, from families to friends to couples. But there are some theme parks that you really would enjoy better as a couple, purely because everyone else there is … with their partner too.

More than anything, the experiences will be that much more special if you are there with your loved one. You can sit next to each other on rides, huddle together in haunted houses, win each other prizes at the stalls.. But if you’re quite early in your relationship or don’t feel confident keeping a lively conversation going for hours and hours, then you may be safer going in a large group of friends. Theme parks are ideal for group dates!

So why a theme park?

Who doesn’t enjoy theme parks – they’re built for the sole purpose of entertainment! Some can be a little expensive, but you may be able to find yourself a good seasonal deal, and then you should easily get value for money. The theme parks are generally brimming with variety and give you the chance to release your daily inhibitions, forget about everything and just go out and HAVE FUN. Just like when you were a child.

Of course, we recommend only going when the sun’s out, and if possible, when the people are generally not out (e.g. weekdays). Or, splash a bit of cash on the fast-track tickets, that will save you hours of waiting time. Remember, you’re going there to enjoy the experience, not just stand in queues all day.

Fair enough.. so what are the bad points?

In general, theme parks aren’t places that you would visit every week (or probably even every month). They tend to be special because you only go occasionally, so we wouldn’t recommend becoming regulars. Plus, they tend to be situated quite far away (unless you’re very lucky), even abroad, so they do require a certain amount of planning before the outing.

In addition, not all theme parks are great, meaning that crowds tend to gather at the best ones. You have a choice of going to the established theme parks, which are sure to entertain, or lesser-known ones, which may be awful (or even unsafe). We would recommend getting up early, making your own packed lunches, driving down to a famous theme park and snapping up a fast-track ticket. Otherwise, maybe just visit that carnival fair nearby.

Finally, do bear in mind that costs can rack up. Some theme parks charge per ride, on top of high parking costs, expensive food courts, extortionate entry fees… So do the research before you go and make sure that the theme park will provide the entertainment you’re looking for. Otherwise, you may end up feeling cheated out of cash.

OK.. so which theme parks are best?

This really depends on your tastes. Ask yourself the following questions, and then some quick research on the internet should tell you which ones are most suited to you and your partner:

  1. Do both of you like high-speed rides / roller-coasters?
  2. If Yes, then just go to the most famous theme park close to you. If No, then see if the below apply.

  3. Do both of you like old-school arcades, or stall games (like shooting, throwing darts, claw cranes, etc)?
  4. If Yes, then see if there are any temporary fairs / carnivals coming to your area as they may be what you are looking for. If No, then keep reading…

  5. Do you both like visiting new places?
  6. If Yes, then you may want to make a mini-holiday out of your trip, so see if you can find any theme parks far away (or abroad) that take your fancy. Check out hotels nearby and plan a trip in advance.

    If you want any recommendations specific to an area or a country, do get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help!

    GoCouple Tips:

    1. Get into the spirit of things. If your other half wants to try something, see if you can pluck up the courage to try it out…
    2. BUT… at the end of the day, be yourself – if you can’t handle excessive rides, then say so. There’s no point pretending you’re OK and then feeling ill afterwards.
    3. Keep a good eye out for the waiting / queueing times of rides, and try to wander around the whole park. You don’t want to queue for hours for the first ride that you see, only to run out of time later when you find something better.
    4. Check the weather forecast before you go – theme parks are terrible places to be at when it rains!

Akinator for iPhone & Android

Akinator for iPhone & Android

Accurately guesses whatever character you’re thinking of.. even the most obscure ones!

What kind of couple is this for?

If any of the following applies to you and your partner, then this is definitely a must-have app for your smartphone:

  • You’re really into TV / films / books
  • You enjoy watching cartoons and animation
  • You like mind-reading magic tricks, or just enjoy being amazed
  • You like getting competitive and “trying to beat a computer”

Of course, in addition, at least one of you will need to have a smartphone (iPhone or Android).

So what’s the app all about?

The app features a genie, called the Akinator, who claims to be able to read your mind. He first asks you to think of a character, be it a real-life character like a sports professional / a TV star, or a fictional character from a film or a book – basically, absolutely anyone that you can come up with.

Then, he begins to ask you some questions about your character, such as whether he/she exists, whether the character lives in the UK, etc. After 20 odd questions, Akinator will have a stab at guessing who you’re thinking of. And amazingly enough, he will get it right more than often.

Interesting.. but why do it as a couple?

This app’s great for parties too, but we think it’s at its best when two people (like a couple) are taking it in turns to try to beat the system! Given you’ll have different tastes too, it works well when one player’s male and the other is female.

Also, it is a smartphone app so you’ll most likely end up having to get close to each other, looking over one screen. So, for a couple who like to snuggle up with each other, it’s pretty much perfect.

So is this app really that fun?

The real draw of this app comes from the sense of amazement when Akinator guesses your character correctly. And he gets it right much much more than you may imagine. We’d almost stick our necks on the line and say that he will always correctly identify your first one or two characters – he really is that impressive.

Once you realise that Akinator is better than anything else that you’ve seen of its kind before, then the real fun begins as you try and come up with more and more obscure characters. You’ll find that Akinator will then start to make a few incorrect guesses… but he will then proceed (with a more irritated expression) to ask more questions, to try and get closer to the answer.

Even with the most avid cartoon / anime fan choosing the most unheard-of characters, we rarely hear of Akinator getting more than 25 – 30% of the characters incorrect! Try beating that – that’s a challenge from us to any couple.

Really..? Any character in the whole wide world?

Yes! Akinator is localised too, so you can use it in a number of languages, including French, Japanese and Arabic. Obviously, he’ll know more American / Japanese characters than others, but you can try anyone from any country from any era and he’ll have a fairly decent stab.

If you can successfully beat him, he’ll ask you to tell him about your character anyway, which is how his knowledge grows.

And where can I get this app?

Just go to your regular smartphone app store and search for “Akinator”. The links you’ll need as of 2011 are as follows:

  • Akinator for iPhone (App Store) – click here
  • Akinator for Android (Android Market) [this app has since been removed from the market - we will post the link when it's back!]

If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t fret! You can always try the online version here too. Don’t forget you can choose your localised version by clicking on one of the flags in the top left.

GoCouple Tips:

  1. Some characters you may want to try:

    • Sports Personalities
    • Music Artists
    • Actors / Actresses
    • Cartoon characters
    • Politicians & Businessmen
    • Famous Animals

Making a Life Ambitions list

Life Ambitions - what does the future hold?

Decide on things that you definitely want to do in life…. together

What kind of couple is this for?

Talking about the future can potentially be a touchy topic. If you’re the kind of couple that can speak about the future openly and casually, then we’d definitely say this is for you. The point of this activity is to come up with a fun list of life ambitions for both of you, so somewhere along the line, you shouldn’t be surprised if there is a mention of marriage / children. If you feel uncomfortable to even think about the future, let alone bring it up in conversation, then perhaps your relationship is a little too young for this!

Of course, the aim is not to come up with detailed wedding plans and expectations. So, if you feel your partner is a little worried about what the future holds for both of you, this activity may bring you closer together, in the knowledge that you both know certain ambitions that you can share.

We’d say this activity is especially suited to laid-back couples who like being active and meeting new challenges!

Why do it as a couple?

We all used to have ambitions when we were kids. Become a pop star, fly a plane, go to space… But somewhere along the line for most of us, harsh realities have made these magically disappear. A lot of people now find it hard to dream, without thinking about the practicalities and implications. The only dreamy sensation that’s left in adulthood is usually love, for which people can (just about) forget about everything else.

So, given the unrealistic and creative nature of this activity, we feel it would be best to do it as a couple, where you can both expand your imaginations and dream together. Encourage each other to come up with those hidden ambitions that may first sound so wild and unattainable, laugh together and see if they interest both of you. Coming up with a list alone is a fun activity in itself, but may feel a little too much like running away from reality. With your partner, a lot more things should feel possible, while having common goals will definitely strengthen your relationship.

So why make a list of ambitions?

Not everything in life is about planning with detail. We spend far too much time and effort meeting the demands of reality – going to work at 9am, running to that meeting after lunch, queueing for eternity at the supermarkets.. A lot of the time, this leads to people doing what they have to do, not what they want to do. That’s quite an empty feeling.

To those that dream. What fortune to men that dream.

We feel it’s so important to maintain dreams and ambitions, so that you know what you’re striving for. It doesn’t matter if you can’t attain them, as they’re not true goals – they’re just things that you’d love to be able to do one day, if the circumstances are right. The difference between having these and not can potentially be huge.

Put simply, it’s good to dream. Don’t expect, but hope.

But my dreams will never come true.. and we have such differing ambitions!

Of course, you’re not together because you are the same person – in all likelihood, you get on so well because you are two different individuals. But it’s fine to share an ambition. For example, if your dream is to climb a tall mountain, then you can definitely do that together. If you want to find a new star in the sky, then again, find one together. Most of the time, these ambitions should be easier to attain with a partner’s help anyway.

Saying all of the above, don’t let your imagination get the better of you too much. Don’t say “I want to meet an alien” as too much is out of your own hands. Your ambitions should be attainable when given the right circumstances and with some amount of your own hard work.

You’ll also need to understand and accept if any of your ambitions don’t interest your partner in the slightest. The whole point of this is to come up with ambitions that you can share, so there’s not point forcing anything onto the list!

OK.. So where do we start?

Get a pen and paper (maybe buy a book for this so that it doesn’t get lost, or work on a computer). Then, try and keep things simple to begin with. What countries would both of you like to visit? What would you like to see before you die? Is there anything local that you’ve always wanted to try? Are there any sports / activities that you just haven’t managed to experience yet?

Once you’re into this, your imagination should gradually loosen up and we’ll guarantee that ideas will come streaming out of your head like never before. Try and think back to childhood.. what did you want to be when you were older? The hard part is getting the first ten ambitions. Once you’ve got these, you’ll probably find it harder to stop.

Can you give us some ideas?

OK, let’s look at some examples from a book we read recently. Some potential lifelong ambitions could be:

  • Go to a country in Far East Asia / Eastern Europe
  • Go Bungee Jumping / Skydiving
  • Fly a helicopter yourself
  • Make a journey on the Siberian Trans-Railway / Orient Express
  • See a Whale (we’ve also seen “Ride a Whale”!)
  • Scuba Dive down to see the coral reefs
  • Watch an Open-Air Movie
  • Do some charity work / volunteering
  • Visit a chocolate factory
  • Swim across a river / channel
  • See a polar bear / penguin in the Arctic / Antarctica
  • Cook a real Spanish Paella
  • Eat a fish that you caught yourself
  • Release a single of your own music


GoCouple Tips:

  1. We recommend coming up with at least 50 – 100 ambitions if possible.
  2. Since a lot of the ambitions may be unrealistic, you probably want to have a good mix of easy to hard activities. Some could be very simple, while others more ambitious.
  3. If you need some more ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us here and we’d be more than happy to help!

Learning a language together

Learn a Language Together

Learn that language you always wanted to…. with the perfect practice partner

What kind of couple is this for?

Anybody that always wanted to pick up something new, be it an art or a skill, but just never had the chance. Or, even better, if you never believed you had the ability to do it (say, because your language grades at school always brought sympathetic looks). More specifically, if any of the following apply to you, then this activity may be just what you’re looking for:

  • You’re in a relationship with somebody that can speak more than one language
  • You always dreamed of proposing to your loved one abroad
  • There is one language that you think would be amazing to pick up (Japanese? Arabic?)
  • You and your partner both like a challenge (or going on holiday, preferably both)

Why do it as a couple?

Hopefully, nobody understands you better than your partner. If things are going well, then you should both be able to be honest and not put pressure on each other, while helping each other pull through when times are tough. It boils down to this: you should feel totally comfortable practising what you’re learning with your partner. And to fully master a language, you just have to practice it. Just studying from a textbook is plainly not an option.

Even if you weren’t totally at ease with this, to have somebody teach you the parts you don’t understand (or to teach somebody the things you just studied) is actually the best way to learn. Basically, it’s best to learn anything in a pair so that you can practice and learn together, and your other half couldn’t be a more ideal partner.

So why study a language?

Did you ever want to visit a country and speak with the locals in their own language? Wouldn’t that be so cool? However, maybe you never had the opportunity to learn. Perhaps your school wouldn’t teach you, your parents wouldn’t let you, your football team thought it was sad, you preferred spending the time looking at yourself in the mirror, etc.

Studying a language together would be a fun experience all around, as long as there’s no formal assessment at the end. You have nothing to lose, while if things go well, you know where you’re going for that next great holiday.

Finally, speaking a country’s language means embracing their culture. It will open the door to so many more opportunities, whether it’s about visiting hidden sites that only locals know about, or having truly magical experiences that pure “tourists” would never even dream of.

But studying at school was boring?

Of course, studying alone can be tedious, but studying together is actually quite fun. When there’s no exam at the end and you’re doing it for your own interest, it’s even better. With a language, the results of your efforts can be easily seen and experienced, so the satisfaction is that much higher.

Put simply, just imagine how it’ll feel when you speak to that waiter at a foreign restaurant, asking them to recommend a gourmet dish for your other half.. and when the waiter looks at you with great shock and pleasure, then brings out food that’s better than anything you’ve had in your life. Certainly not a bad feeling ‘ey.

Well OK, there’s no kidding that it will be hard work. But what we’re saying is, it’ll feel like it’s so worth it at the end. Much more than at school (unless you loved school, of course)

Great! So what languages do you recommend?

From personal experience, I would say that the Latin-based languages (French, Spanish, Italian, etc) are a good starting point, assuming you already speak English. They are quite well structured, use the Roman alphabet and don’t require too sophisticated pronunciation. They’re also so widely-spoken that you’ll get lots of chances to try out what you’ve learned, even at drinks parties.

If you’re looking for a very different challenge, then Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Russian are some languages that have totally new alphabets. So, you’ll definitely learn a lot!

And where can we learn?

Again, textbooks are a no-go. You need to be taught, preferably by a native speaker, while a classroom environment is infinitely better than your bedroom. We would recommend you search for an institution near you that offer such language courses.

You may be surprised by the number of places where you can enrol. For example, a lot of universities offer extra-curricular humanity programmes that anybody can join (although the cost will be higher than for actual students). Failing this, a quick Google search should bring up some good centres near you.

GoCouple Tips:

  1. Don’t be scared of trying out your broken spoken language! You don’t have to be able to speak fluently to tell people you speak a language. Tell everyone, practice with everyone… You’ll improve so quickly that way.
  2. You should try to visit a country who’s language you have studied. It’s the most satisfying experience of learning a new language.
  3. Just in case we didn’t make the point clearly enough, don’t self-study from a textbook!

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